Importance of pre-school education and why Smartkidz is the best preschool in Attapur.

Smartkidz is the best preschool in Attapur

Importance of pre-school education and why Smartkidz is the best preschool in Attapur.

Smartkidz is the best preschool in Attapur: What comes to mind when you think of preschool education? And why is it so important for a child’s development in this era? Let us explore this topic in detail with Smartkidz, the best preschool in Attapur

What exactly is pre-school education? 

“Preschool”, as the name suggests, preschool education means the education received by the child before he/she starts attending formal school. It is basically the education imparted to young children, ranging from 1 and a half to 5 and a half years old, by professionally trained adults who provide a very holistic and well-rounded learning environment for the toddlers, combined with fun activities and play.

This mixture of learning and playfulness results in the child gaining a lot of independence, social skills, as well as intelligence in the early years of their life. We, at the best kindergarten in Attapur, ensure that your kid receives the topmost quality and experience of preschool learning and undergoes an educative experience so enriching and unique that it propels and encourages a very well-balanced personality development as well as almost a guarantee of a successful future with the perfect intervention at their tender age. 

Why is preschool education so important?

The importance of Preschool education is that it helps in a child’s emotional, social, and personal growth and development. When a 3-year-old is able to spend time with adults other than parents they learn to build trusting relationships with adults. Preschool is the first experience of the child in a structured setting, to learn the importance of sharing and learning new things which foster personal growth.

Although a child learns to talk while at home, in a preschool continuous interaction and exposure with children of the same age group and with teachers helps them to enhance their communication skills. It involves the transformation of mental images to languages so that thoughts and knowledge can be transformed into information. Exposure to rich language through role-plays, reading aloud sessions, and stories helps to enhance the child’s vocabulary, thereby promoting language skills.

They also get ample exposure to outdoor activities in the specially developed play areas which helps with their motor and physical growth and development. 

Why do children need daycare? 

Scientific and psychological research has often shown that children who are neglected or often left alone as children, tend to have unhealthy attachment patterns in relationships, later in life. That is why the constant presence and attention of the caretaker is extremely important( a study by a psychologist, Mary Ainsworth, and John Bowlby).

Smartkidz, the best daycare centre in Attapur realizes that it is sometimes not possible for parents to constantly keep showering their kids with attention, especially in the cases where both parents are working. That is why we want you to trust our world-class daycare facilities, with proper nourishment, attention, playtime, and resting hours which provides your little one with a healthy and homely environment. 

What does Smartkidz attapur offer for my child?

We believe that a holistic and well-rounded education provided to the child at an early age can make a lot of difference. That is why we at the top preschool in Attapur have designed a specially curated curriculum to meet all the early education needs of your child and also provide them with opportunities to discover themselves, incite their curiosity, and learn with fun. 

The teaching methodology at the best daycare in Attapur focuses on the all-round, i.e., physical, emotional, and mental development of the child through the means of various vivid experiences and fun activities. 

The best Pre-primary school in Attapur believes that bringing up a child is a process that is not only the exclusive responsibility of the parents. Their environment, peer interactions, and early exposure also play very important roles. Children need to be brought up in a loving environment where their emotional, social, and physical needs are constantly met and catered to. At Smartkidz, the best daycare in Attapur we believe that every child has their own competencies, talents, aptitudes, and interests for different things and at the best daycare in attapur, our goal is to make sure that the individuality in each child is nurtured and promoted.

Why choose us? 

We are called the best playgroup and daycare center in Attapur for a reason. Once you enroll your child into any of our comprehensive and all-rounded study programs, you will start noticing differences in the way they conduct themselves, behavior towards others, the amount of knowledge about daily things, their increasing curiosity, and a very satisfied and steady growth both emotionally and physically.

We do not aim at short-term successes to make a name for ourselves, we are, after all, a global chain of knowledgebase institutions that is why we bring world-class services to your doorstep, at Smartkidz, the best preschool in attapur. Our students are not only well prepared and ready for formal education but possess a level of social understanding and an innocent and bubbling sense of curiosity and self-confidence that carries them the way forward in life and all their future endeavors. 

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